Wake Up

Go ahead; exit from your forest.
It’s too crowded in there to see. szrt tippmix

Go ahead; step to the edge.
You cannot achieve freedom from fear
By cowering in your physical body.

Go ahead; close your eyes.
Everything you need is all you are
And therefore always had

Go ahead; jump.
This is how to relive your precious moments.
But make no more.

Go ahead; feel.
An upward breeze is like a cradled hand.
Until you reach the end of words.

Go ahead; sleep.
The energy of the universe is imperturbable. tippmix eredmények mobil
And yet, in stillness comes your rebirth. gaminator ingyen letöltése

Go ahead; wake up.
The light of the Western Lands is warm.
And there are no shadows on the mountain.

Wake up, child.

Wake up.

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