Space Between the Walls

Stand for a moment and look onto me Nothing chaotic does there appear to be But come inside and have a closer peek Then you might see that which is bleak You see, I have this thing I carry with…

F’in Off Takes Time

Nothing special about this track, but I like it a lot (and I hope you do, too).

The Plan

While the Bible others do read, I astray my life would lead. Perhaps He wanted only for me To first see before I might believe. So that when all was right, I could awaken from my night “For we live…


How swiftly by does go the time How strangely amenable we remain How acutely unaware are you and I How absurdly prepared do we feign How blatently the same a chain on a lamp How simply easy the tug it…

Silly of Me to Be

How silly of me To wanna be A different me Especially When pretending to be Affects me More oppositely And somewhat shamefully So I should be The actual me That everyone sees Since obviously I can never be The real…

Your End

In this worldly moment I am both hurt and proud. Holding in my arms your dawn, fresh light of sun, I abhor the shadowy aura cast below your cloud Eager to tragically end what beauty we’ve begun. Six months to…

Six Years is Long Enough

This is the first song I’ve recorded in about six years. Just for grins (and while I was still in the creative mood), I put a video to it, too.


Fell asleep with my hands clasped of flowers Placed there after I’d already lost my powers Sweet scents that will never pleasure a nose Because in short time, so goes a wilted rose

Wake Up

Go ahead; exit from your forest. It’s too crowded in there to see. Too… Go ahead; step to the edge. You cannot achieve freedom from fear By cowering in your physical body.

Hate of This World

Let me tell ya ’bout… Emily is fourteen and we haven’t seen her since yesterday. Search Facebook and post to Twitter to see if she’s okay. When the morning sun rises, they’ll find her body then. The bullies were teasing…